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Our VoIP Solutions

IntelioTech's VoIP solutions enable you and your resellers to offer a full portfolio of both retail and wholesale VoIP services. Whether you provide several types of service to your customers, or focus on only one service, we can help you. Our carrier-grade VoIP Switch and Billing platform, enables you to quickly and easily offer VoIP services for both consumers and businesses, all under your own brand.

IntelioTech's market leading VoIP Services for Small/Big business bundles phone, data, and video into one unified service so you can do more with less. Now you can enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security of unified communications on your own network. We offers VoIP for your business solutions that are just your size.

Our VoIP Features and Benefits

Our VoIP Solutions Overview

Hosted VoIP Solutions

With the new advances of the internet, the desire for a business to swap from a traditional phone system to a hosted VoIP service is growing. A hosted VoIP service boasts numerous features that business owners are beginning to think of as not only luxuries, but necessities. In the fast-paced world of a hosted VoIP service, business phones are linked from all around the world through high speed internet connection. Every phone in your office shares a link, and a business owner's personal cell phone can also share this same connection and become a portable business phone with a hosted VoIP service.

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Enterprise VoIP Solutions

We provides a unified Solution/Platform for management of enterprise VoIP with own VoIP Softswitch and VoIP Billing plateform. You can get complete VoIP Solution from us and we install systems at any location you want and you can use our VoIP Solution for call routing and accounting. Its beneficial for cost savings on long distance calls, eliminating telecom charges on calls between company locations, control and security of calls, ease of integration, flexibility and mobility of employees, a gamut of enhanced voice features and applications, consolidated network and cost management and many more.

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Calling Card Solutions

With the Calling cards module a provider can offer the whole set of services that combines VoIP with the access through regular telephony networks. An example of those are PIN or PINless calling cards services. The platform supports SIP inter connectivity. A provider can utilize SIP trunks in connection with DIDs provider in order to offer geographical access numbers from different locations using one central IntelioTech SoftSwitch. In addition the system can work with TDM gateways or TDM extension cards. The platform comes with own IVR system with call flow scenarios.

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Callshop Solutions

IntelioTech offers end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable Callshop solution. The solution features powerful billing, flexible routing, and proven interoperability with VoIP equipment from other leading vendors. Because we have developed all solution components, callshop owners benefit from reduced integration costs and improved return on investment. The Call Shop Solution is designed for Internet Cafe's and any other establishment performing similar functions or rendering similar services.

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Reseller Modules

IntelioTech's VoIP Reseller Modules, enables you to create multi-level resellers world-wide. You can create reseller with enabling their tariffplan creation or without tariffplan creation, so your reseller's can also create their ratecards and further resellers under them. Our VoIP Plateform also enables you to apply a custom routing to a specific reseller so you can manage the call flow for a particular reseller. By Reseller Management modules, your resellers or agent can sign up to promote your services to worldwide.

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Wholesale Solutions

Our Wholesale Switch is a software platform for telecommunication service providers, wholesale carriers, ISP, MVNO, and NGN operators to unify voice and data traffic within a single converged network. Our switch is built around a comprehensive converged billing software system and includes a class 5 SIP softswitch with media application servers. we provide access to the complete C5 hosted IPPBX / IP Centrex functionality and the ultimate feature set for calling card and VoIP wholesale businesses.

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SIP Dialer

We are providing mobile dialers for voip telephony. Now a days no one has time to make calls through pc always so with mobile dialers which is available at almost platform is easy to communicate through VoIP Calls with help of Opcode, PIN and Password. Mobile dialers remove the traditional VoIP limitation of using computer or other VoIP devices restricted to home environment. New generation mobile phone users have access to varieties of internet services like GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi connections which makes it easy to make VoIP calls.

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IVR Solutions

Our leading IVR Solutions serve the unique solution as per requirements of different Industries. We bring the right IVR technology, people and strategy to build, Manage and operate critical IVR infrastructure. We try to reducing process inefficiencies, Optimize business processes, and help clients to achieve desired ROI. IVR is a computerized telephony voice platform, it enables various customer services and provide needed control to the end user. IVR is the latest developments in Computer and telephony industry.

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