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IntelioTech offers end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable Callshop solution. The solution features powerful billing, flexible routing, and proven interoperability with VoIP equipment from other leading vendors. Because we have developed all solution components, callshop owners benefit from reduced integration costs and improved return on investment.

The Call Shop Solution is designed for Internet Cafe's and any other establishment performing similar functions or rendering similar services. This is an online portal whereby the business owner can manage and maintain each work stations telephone calls from a centralised location. A good example of this would be if an Internet Cafe has 5 workstations and a SIP / VoIP account enabled on each for international calls. The owner can track the calls and charge the client accordingly.

How it works?

  • CallShop customers place calls to desired destinations from a phone booth or a soft phone on a PC in Internet Cafe
  • We make sure that the call sender is authorized to use the requested service and identifies the phone booth or soft phone
  • We keep track and charges the phone calls placed but the customer in the booth
  • We make best decision in real time on where to terminate the call
  • Upon completion of calls the CallShop Operator presents the customer a bill for all calls made during the call session at the booth
  • We keep track of all bills for later review and provides vital analytical and reporting information to the CallShop/Internet Cafe owner

Features & Benefits of our Callshop Solution

  • Minimal upfront investment required
  • A range of routing options via tier one operators, to guarantee quality
  • Quality assurance program for all destinations
  • Variable pricing packages to suit every budget
  • Specific destination pricing options available
  • Easy usage and centralised flexible management tools
  • Multi-currency business model
  • In-depth and accurate financial management systems and controls
  • All call details and margin reports recorded and readily available
  • Full support and customer-service back up available to suit your needs
  • An unlimited number of callshops may be operated using a single installation (callshop agent model)
  • Call rates are flexible, and are predefined in the billing software by the Internet cafe/callshop owner
  • Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers.
  • Instant generation of CDRs per phone booth
  • Powerful analysis tools and report generation by period, traffic/charges, destination, revenues, and profitability
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