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With the new advances of the internet, the desire for a business to swap from a traditional phone system to a hosted VoIP service is growing. A hosted VoIP service boasts numerous features that business owners are beginning to think of as not only luxuries, but necessities. In the fast-paced world of a hosted VoIP service, business phones are linked from all around the world through high speed internet connection. Every phone in your office shares a link, and a business owner's personal cell phone can also share this same connection and become a portable business phone with a hosted VoIP service.

One substantial reason business owners today are swapping from a traditional phone system to a hosted VoIP is the savings involved with a hosted VoIP service. By joining the world of business VoIP, a business owner is now abandoning the expense associated with having a traditional phone system and all the minute fees that go along with that, and replacing these expenses with one small monthly cost. Through a hosted VoIP service, a business phone can now easily accommodate the ever growing needs of customers and employees alike through unlimited long and local calls for one low, monthly cost. And every business phone that is linked through the same business can share in these savings.

A hosted VoIP service boasts other features as well, including voicemail and call forwarding features, as well as hosted pbx bridging features. Another handy factor correlating with hosted VoIP is the ability to take your business phone from one place, unplug it, and re plug it into another place, all without changing your phone number or hosted VoIP channel. Your business will never be confined to one location again!

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