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Offshore Development

IntelioTech utilizes the well established offshore development process - to offer its international clients cost-efficient software development services at the most competitive price. We offers a stable and safe environment for business, an abundant supply of skilled labor and is steadily emerging as the new source for cost-effective software, BPO and content services.

Our offshore development is very crucial and helpful to clients. Indisputably, when you set up an Offshore Development with us, you receive varied benefits like high return on investment and highest quality of output. It also allows you to focus on your core competencies. Another reason for selecting IntelioTech as an offshore software development center is large pool of talented technical people for efficient and flawless work. By selecting us as an offshore development, you can significantly reduce cost, as you do not have to incur expenses on infrastructure development, hiring employees or other cost involved in project development.

Whether you call it distributed software development, or distributed product development, making it effective comes down to the same. You need to know how to become effective in a complex multi site situation. The IntelioTech's state of the art Offshore Development Center (ODC) is the centre in which customer dedicated software development teams work, supported by best practices and supportive services. The state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center (ODC) offers four pre-defined yet customizable models for product software companies to provide them with flexible scaling possibilities.

Our Offshore Development services include:

  • Dedicated technical staff and infrastructure
  • On time delivery.
  • Immediate response to your queries
  • Privacy and confidentiality of work
  • IP and Business Protection
  • Complete quality and process control
  • Our Offshore Development staff has worked with multiple clients in different geographies and they understand that, success of project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.