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Our Reseller Program

IntelioTech operates one of the oldest, largest, and most lucrative resale / wholesale programs in the IT industry. We encourages the resale of our complete product line. We offer resellers the ability to purchase services at a discount. These services may then be resold to the public, at a price deemed fit by the reseller. Resellers may market the services to the public with the IntelioTech brand, or private label the product and sell to the public as their own brand. The IntelioTech Resale Program gives you the perfect opportunity to grow in the IT business - without risk, and without the huge capital outlay.

You may resale all of our product lines, including Basic, Closeout, Unmetered, & Sale offerings, which are all eligible for the resale. You can also receive a discount on co-location, cloud computing, backup service, software services.

Our White Label VoIP Solutions enables companies like yours to quickly and inexpensively capitalize on the booming internet phone revolution. Partnering with IntelioTech White Label allows you to increase your bottom line by generating extra recurring revenue from your current and future client base by reselling branded VoIP to them, without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own. You provide the customer, and we provide the rest! Contact a IntelioTech White Label VoIP sales executive today and be selling VoIP to your customers in days!

Our Reseller Program Benefits

Your own branding

As a IntelioTech Reseller, you maintain full ownership of your brand and maintain direct relationship with your clients, just as you are used to with most on-premise technologies. This helps you maintain your central relationship with customers.

Increase in your margin

In addition to receiving a fix discount on the list price for IntelioTech products you also get some margins that increase your profitability by focusing more on delivering value-added services, IT Services and Software products.

Recurring Revenues

The recurring, long-term revenue from IntelioTech products gives you high revenues and more profit. Our great products give great predicatability and statbility that gives you greater future earnings so you will get recurring revenues from our products.