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E-Commerce Solutions

The Internet has changed everything, the days of doing business within the confines of brick and mortar are over. Say goodbye to the limitations of yesterday and open your eyes to a new and exciting way of running your business online. The boundaries between "conventional" and "electronic" commerce will become increasingly blurred as more and more businesses be it a travel agency, export house, consultancy company, technology company etc. are moving parts or whole of their operation onto the Internet

Our Solutions provides high-end E-Commerce and web development solutions. IntelioTech's Solutions can help your business thrive in the 21st century We provide you with an affordable E-Commerce enabled site that is professional in appearance, easy to maintain and includes the tools you need to be successful. Our Solutions towards Ecommerce Website helps you in building a smart ebusiness website very fast. Our Solutions provides specific strategies to help market your business both on and off line. We help integrate your online strategies with your traditional sales efforts to ensure a smooth transition into E-Commerce.


Robust E-Commerce Plateform

We provide a robust, flexible, scalable e-commerce software platform designed and tuned for top performance and maximum uptime. Our E-Commerce solutions geared for over 10 million visits and over 100,000 completed orders per day, and over 300,000 concurrent users. The IntelioTech Platform is a complete e-commerce Internet solution for business that reduces risk, cost, and project duration with no sacrifice to flexibility or future expansion.

Personalized Shopping Experience

IntelioTech helps your business users dynamically entice customers with the personalized shopping experience and relevant merchandise they're most likely to want at just the right time. Marketers and merchandisers have real-time control over the Web tools needed to quickly move inventory out the door and strengthen their brand.

360 Degree view of Business

IntelioTech provides a real-time view of the online business, integrating data from both the Web site and other external data sources. It's reporting and analytics capabilities help businesses quickly understand what's happening across their online business and take the right action in response to current circumstances.