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VoIP Softswitch and Billing

We provides a unified Solution/Platform for management of enterprise VoIP with own VoIP Softswitch and VoIP Billing plateform. You can get complete VoIP Solution from us and we install systems at any location you want and you can use our VoIP Solution for call routing and accounting. The system offers a indispensable reporting functionality to optimize voice traffic and to track costs.

Its beneficial for cost savings on long distance calls, eliminating telecom charges on calls between company locations, control and security of calls, ease of integration, flexibility and mobility of employees, a gamut of enhanced voice features and applications, consolidated network and cost management and many more.

IntelioTech's Class 5 VoIP Softswitch have the high capacity of call handling at a very faster and smoother way. Our Softswitch have quickest call connectivity that enables you to connect with other end on a click. The Crystal Clear voice quality enables you to enjoy the power of VoIP instead of a real GSM Call. Our Softswitch is completely linux based so it provide better utilization and service that enables you to route the calls in a efficient manner.

Our VoIP Billing have unique features in the market like smart routing, smart billing etc. which enables you to keep your profit with voip business. Our VoIP Billing's rich, user-friendly user interface gives any new service provider to easy access and support which enables him to run his business in tension free mind. Our flexible billing, reporting, user management allow system owners a great feeling and a great service offering for their customers and resellers.

Some Features of IntelioTech's VoIP Sofswitch/Billing

  • PC 2 Phone / PC 2 PC Calling
  • Calling Card / Callback
  • Wholesale Module
  • Reseller Module
  • Smart Routing
  • Smart Billing
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Customized Reportings
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Fastest Softswitch
  • Ultimate Voice Clarity
  • Amazing Support
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